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Oregon Coast Comics is more than just a stop, it’s a destination!  We provide you access to exclusive and hard to find merchandise, gaming events and tournaments almost every night of the week, access to the people behind the comics, and a safe and fun place to enjoy everything about the comics, games, and fandoms you love.

Come on down to the store or to one of our many events to find a place designed for fans like you!

In Store Exclusives

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Call Today: (503) 354-5588

Comics and Collectibles

Oregon Coast Comics has exclusive access to some of the best distributors in the comic and gaming industry, with new and rare merchandise arriving daily.  If you’re a fan, we can find the comics, merchandise, and collectibles for almost anything you’re into.  Not only can we find the merchandise you crave but we also find the artists and people behind your fandoms. 

Here’s What Oregon Coast Comics Can Bring You:

  • New and Exclusive Comics and Merchandise
  • Rare and Vintage Collectibles and Merchandise
  • Autographed Products and Limited Edition Artwork
  • Access to the People Behind the Comics, Shows, and Games
  • Merchandise Catered to Your Needs and Interest
  • A Community of Fans and a Store Made for You
  • And Much, Much More!

Visit our store today or contact us to see what products we can bring you!

Call Today: (503) 354-5588

Gaming Events and Tournaments

At Oregon Coast Comics, we built a venue that isn’t just a store, but a destination for you to enjoy your favorite games and interests with a community of fans just like you.  Come on down for nightly gaming and tournament events, exclusive gaming merchandise and accessories, and everything you need to start and adventure with your friends or a new group of people.

Oregon Coast Comics Supports Your Gaming Needs:

  • Friday Night Magic from Wizards of the Coast
  • Gaming Events Around Most Major Tabletop Games Including: Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Pathfinder, and So Many More!
  • Exclusive Art, Merchandise, and Accessories for the Games You Play
  • Over 7 Tabletops with New Players Dropping in All the Time
  • Multiple TVs with Vintage and Current Systems, from X Box One to Sega Genesis to Nintendo
  • And Much, Much More!

Come on down to play a game today, we can’t wait to see you show off your skills!

Call Today: (503) 354-5588

Guest Artists, Celebrities, and Special Events

Oregon Coast Comics wants you to experience your favorite comics, games, and fandoms in exclusive and one of a kind ways.  That’s why we love bringing you the people behind the scenes.  We hold special events all the time where you can meet the artists, animators, writers, directors, and creators of some of the coolest universes that exist in the comic and gaming world!

Check Out Some of the Events We Hold:

  • Oregon Coast Comic Con at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds
  • Artists from the Comic, Fantasy, and Gaming Industries
  • Writers from the Comic, Fantasy, and Gaming Industries
  • Creators of Many of the Fandoms You Love
  • Exclusive Merchandise Release Parties
  • Autograph Events with Question and Answer Sessions
  • Events that Bring Communities of Fans Together
  • And Much, Much More!

Come on down to check out our events or purchase your tickets to the Oregon Coast Comic Con today!

Call Today: (503) 354-5588

(503) 354-5588


We Opened This Store For You!

Come check out the store, our unique merchandise, and our daily events. We are your source for the people behind the comics, games, and fandoms you love. Start your adventure today!

Oregon Coast Comics

Oregon Coast Comics is in Tillamook, Oregon and is your resource for unique collectibles and comics, gaming events, and access to the celebrities and artists behind your favorite comics, games, shows, and so much more.

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