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Monty Elliot founded Oregon Coast Comics with the goal of connecting fans with their passions in the most meaningful ways.  Oregon Coast Comics came to life after Monty successfully engineered the highly successful and long overdue Oregon Coast Comic Con and brought this amazing annual event to Tillamook, Oregon.

Monty’s goal is to continue to connect fans of comics, games, and epic universes to the amazing artists and creators of the many fandoms that can be found throughout the Oregon Coast.  Oregon Coast Comics is a safe and enjoyable venue for all fans, and Monty can’t wait to help you meet other fans, go on epic adventures, or meet the people behind the comics.

Come down to Oregon Coast Comics or attend the Oregon Coast Comic Con to start your next adventure today!

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Come check out the store, our unique merchandise, and our daily events. We are your source for the people behind the comics, games, and fandoms you love. Start your adventure today!

Oregon Coast Comics

Oregon Coast Comics is in Tillamook, Oregon and is your resource for unique collectibles and comics, gaming events, and access to the celebrities and artists behind your favorite comics, games, shows, and so much more.

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